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Stock Overview

It all started with 3 Hornby train sets for Christmas & Birthday Presents. Mallard, Flying Scotsman and good Ole Smokey Joe.

Since then - with the great assistance of Ebay, Toyfairs and  Model Railway exhibitions etc I have 'acquired' rather a lot of stock.  

I'm know I have way too much - especially as I haven't finished building the layout.....

The stock is intended to cover 5 'Eras.'  - shown in order of favouritism..

1. Pre War LMS/GWR with 'visiting' LNER.

2. Corporate BR Blue, Peak's, HSTs Westerns etc

3. Early BR Steam Era 1948- 1950s

4. Modern Image - Mostly Virgin at the moment.

5. Thomas - For Fun and for visiting young family who always expect to see Thomas on a railway layout.

I am VERY impressed by the quality of the new Loco's coming out from Hornby and Bachmann so I've stopped shopping around for old loco's on Ebay etc. Although I do enjoy the engineering challenge in coaxing an old loco back to life.



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