There are 4 pages covering the design and construction of Burton Crumpnold.

1. Track Plan - (This page) covering the basic track layout

2. Basic Construction - Covers the Burton was built and how the basic scenery was put together.

3. Control - Control, Power and wiring of Burton Crumpnold.

4. Scenery - Adding the Detailed Scenery - Finishing the layout.



Burton Crumpnold Track Plan Design

The idea for the Burton Crumpnold is loosely based on a layout in the 'Railway Modeller book of 60 Plans for small locations' (SP13 to be precise).  

I modified the design to include storage loops at the back and a 'passing loop ' platform on the main station to allow more trains to run at once. The upper level is reached by a branch line on the passing loop.

The turntable is a late addition to allow plenty of loco's to be in use. 

The track used is Hornby, Minimum radius used 438mm - (Hornby 2nd Radius).

The main board is 2.4m x 1.35m 


Lower Track Plan
From the passing loop at the main station a branch climbs to the upper level. I wanted to keep the incline sensible but had to give in at 1in25.  The Tank loco's and DMU's that will use it seem to cope OK.. 


Upper Station Plan

The upper level, Burton Crumpnold' station,  is 1.8m by 30/60cm, the design - (which is still being worked out) is loosely based 'Basic Train Operation'  terminus in the 'Model Railway Design Manual' by CJ Freezer.