Upper Station
A View of the upper station terminus (October 2006)

Kinlet Hall
'Kinlet Hall' makes a visit (April 2006)

Engine Shed Area with LMS Jinty on the right and a Black 5 on the left (May 2006)

Busy BR Station

A Busy 'Corporate Blue' BR Day at the station (April 2006)

110 dmu

Class 110 DMU on a rural run out of Burton Crumpnold (April 2006)


Engine Shed view with 2 Jinty Eras...
16440 a Triang/Hornby dating to the late 1970s and a new Bachmann Model 7524.  
 (February 2006)

GWR14xx Autocoach

A GWR 14XX with autocoach on a returning to Burton Crumpnold from the upper station

Turntable Area

Burton Crumpnold Engine Shed (April 2006)

Busy Station

A 'Full' view of the Main Station Area and the upper station (April 2006).

BR Branch line

BR Diesel Branch Line (April 2006)



GWR 14xx Class 1410 on a Push Pull Run with 2 'Autocoaches' (February 2006)


Kinlet Hall
Kinlet Hall on her inaugural run - (August 2005)


Thomas & Coaches
Thomas Express (July 2005)

BR Autocoach
BR Autocoach with Terrier Tank (July 2005)

A Busy 'Steam' Day

A Busy Steam Day (July 2005)

Mallard Train

Mallard In BR Experimental Blue (July 2005)


Ebay Engines
Ebay Engines - Taken Before I Embarked on Ballasting...  (Nov 2004)

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