LMS station
LMS Jinty just passing the Strawsons Warehouse (July 2007 )
Station Green
View from the Station Green - (July 2007)
Engine Shed
A view of Burton Crumpnold engine shed (July 2007)
Upper station
A view of the Upper station green (July 2007)
BR Blue Corner
Class 108 DMU waiting to arrive at the station (July 2007)
View of the Engine Area
View of the Engine Shed Area (July 2007)

Main Station and Goods Shed (April 2006)

Pannier Tank Arrives At Station
GWR Pannier 6119 arrives at Burton with a local train (April 2006)


GWR Collet Goods and Prairie Tank Suburban at Burton Station (May 2006)

A contrast from steam as a HST races through sleepy Burton Crumpnold. (Oct 06)


And even more up to date -  A Virgin Super Voyager  - with a Class 57 'Thunderbird'
in the background to rescue it should there be a problem. (Oct 06)

One for the Kids - A visit by Thomas, accompanied by Annie and Clarabel, and Toby.
(Oct 06)